FMP – private view night

Last night was the private view of the exhibition for our family and friends. The evening went smoothly (thanks, alcohol) and it was really interesting seeing what everyone had been up to for the last part of the course. The 3D room looked great and had such a wide variety of styles apparent throughout the... Continue Reading →

FMP – arranging the work in exhibition space

All of my work is in my space now and the sheets are almost ready to be fixed to the wall. I emailed Helen this photo today and asked for her opinion on the arrangement of sheets.  She replied saying the top sheets should be a little higher and the A2 sheet above the shelf... Continue Reading →

FMP – exhibition prep

This week we are cleaning up everything from the year and preparing for the exhibition. This includes emptying the studios, filling and painting walls and assembling/re touching plinths. On Monday morning we were carrying plinths over from Helena Kennedy and choosing ones that fit our requirements the most. I found this hard as I knew... Continue Reading →

FMP – reflection on furniture

After finishing constructing my final stool and coffee table, I am happy to say I think the biodegradable pulp material was successful. I conducted many experiments with the pulp, adding different adhesives such as wallpaper powder, resin and cornstarch glue, and developed a few presses/moulds to create compact and sturdy pieces. My research definitely pointed... Continue Reading →

FMP – final A1 stool sheet

Today I have been working on my final presentation sheet for my stool. I've included a diagrammatical drawing, picture of the finished stool, a close up of the slot construction and dowels I have used, as well as annotations about materials and processes. I also added an exploded drawing demonstrating how the piece slots together. 

FMP – tutorial with helen 

Today I had my last tutorial with Helen before the deadline. We talked about what I should put on my final A1 sheets and that I didn't need to bring in my final table and stool for the deadline, but submit photographic evidence instead. I was very glad to hear this as I wasn't sure... Continue Reading →

FMP – final vessels

Today I used a variety of found objects to act as moulds for my vessels. I wanted a small collection, simple designs and with the potential of being used, for example waterproof bowls. I mixed up a pulp dyed with cochineal, however I decided to leave the nettles out of this one for hygiene and... Continue Reading →

FMP – constructing the stool

Today I constructed the final stool legs and base. To start with I picked some wood, all from the same pallet and slightly thicker than the wood I used before. After that I cut all of the legs to the same size. Peer feedback suggested that I should make the stool shorter, so I chose... Continue Reading →

FMP – table top progess

It's been a few days and the table top is drying well. I've cut some planks of wood to replace the top of the press as I don't think this was absorbing much water considering it was a laminated board.   I'm hoping these will absorb more water and allow it to dry quicker. I've... Continue Reading →

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